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Considering A Career In Genetic Counseling: What To Know, Read and Listen To

Basics of Genetic Counseling

Considering Genetic Counseling As A Career?

Is A Career In Genetic Counseling Right For You?

How To Know If Genetic Counseling Is Right For You…


DNA Today Hosted By Kira Dineen

Patient Stories Hosted By Grey Genetics/Eleanor Griffith


About Genetic Counselors

Become A Genetic Counselor

Maps And Genes

My Gene Counsel Relevant Blog Sections  

For Students

Trailblazing Genetic Counselors Blog Series

Faces of Genetic Counseling Blog Series

Pursuing A Genetic Counseling Career: Make it Happen With Our Resources

Guides To Become A Genetic Counselor

Become a Genetic Counselor: Education And Career Roadmap

How To Become A Genetic Counselor

How Do I Become A Genetic Counselor?


Become A Genetic Counselor

Maps And Genes

DNA Exchange

GenomeWeb – Sign up for a free account and stay up to date on genetics news  


Journal of Genetic Counseling – Check with your university to see if you have free access

Telling Genes: The Story of Genetic Counseling in America By Alexandra Stern

Check out more book recommendation from genetic counselors.

Process Specific Blog Posts/Podcast Episodes

Advice for Applying to Genetic Counseling Programs

Advice for Interviewing/Ranking Genetic Counseling Grad Schools

Tips for Genetic Counseling Job Interviews (Or Genetic Counseling Assistant Jobs)

Trailblazing Genetic Counselors Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

DNA Today Episode #97 Genetic Counseling Grad School Interviews, Ranking, Matching (Part 2)

DNA Today Episode #87 Genetic Counseling Grad School Apps (Part 1) – Features application process advice and experience from 50+ genetic counseling students in the class of 2020 (first year of the match system)

DNA Today Episode #71 Eleanor Griffith on Genetic Counseling Grad School Applications

Online Forums & Social Media

GradCafe (Previous 2018 App Cycle & Current 2019 App Cycle)


Twitter’s #GCchat

My Gene Counsel’s Twitter List with over 575 Genetic Counselors

Volunteer Counseling  

Crisis Text Line (very popular)

7 Cups

Hole In The Wall Gang Camp – For Kids With Serious Illnesses

Camp Erin – For Kids Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One

Online Classes/Tools

Biochemistry ($675 with the University of San Diego, 3 months)

Clinical Embryology ($350 for noncredit, For Genetic Counseling Students, Take any time)

Magoosh – GRE Study Tool

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