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VUS Reclassified to "Suspected Deleterious": When Genetic Counseling Updates Become Life-Saving

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Beyond BRCA: Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Syndrome and CDH1 Mutations

Genetic Counseling Note: People who have a mutation in one of their two CDH1 gene copies have a syndrome called Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC). This syndrome increases the risk of developing stomach cancer in men and women, lobular breast cancer in women, and may be related to other types of cancer as well. People…

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Joanna Rudnick, Filmmaker of BRCA Previvor “In the Family” Documentary

October 2018 Update 28 Years Ago: Mary-Claire King discovered BRCA1 and its connection to familial breast cancer.  17 Years Ago: I learned I was BRCA1+. 10 Years Ago: My personal film on being BRCA+ and falling into the brave-new-world of “previvorship” was broadcast nationwide on PBS. 5 Years Ago: I finished treatment for triple-negative breast…

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Podcast: Prophylactic Surgery Decisions Before BRCA Testing

In the podcast we hear from Ellen, whose strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer led her to make the hard, controversial decision to undergo multiple prophylactic surgeries years before genetic testing would become available. After losing her own mother at a young age from breast cancer, Ellen wanted to make sure she did…

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