TKG’s Healthcare Insights – Exploring Healthcare’s Critical Issues is a podcast from The Kinetix Group. The podcast explores the current events, critical issues, challenges, and trends in healthcare, with a focus on achieving the Quadruple Aim: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of healthcare providers and staff. Featuring interviews with leading experts on healthcare operations, leadership, clinical protocols, and policies in order to gain valuable healthcare insights.

PART 1: Understanding the Complexities of Genetic Testing

In this episode, My Gene Counsel’s Meagan Farmer joins the TKG podcast to take a look at the challenges of managing complex cancer diagnoses and treatments with the help of genetic and genomic testing. Farmer is a master’s-trained genetic counselor and provides an overview of the differences between genetic and genomic testing and what physicians are looking for when ordering a test. She also highlights some of the challenges with the massive amount of genetic data that comes from the testing and how that needs to be interpreted by physicians – and how overwhelming that can be.

To listen to Part 1 of the podcast, click here.

PART 2: Exploring the Gaps in Patient Care

In this episode, guest Meagan Farmer discusses several key gaps in patient care, including how well patients understand what they are consenting to when getting a test, the need for long-term review of changes in medical knowledge that may impact a patient’s initial findings, how public opinion and consumerism are affecting the demand for personal genome profiling, and some of the identified disparities that need to be addressed.

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