Podcast: Real Men Get Genetic Counseling

Last Updated May 30, 2019

In this podcast we hear from Devin, a healthy 30-year-old male who underwent genetic testing and counseling and his late 20s. Since it’s fairly rare for a young healthy male to go through this process, Devin shared why he made the decision and how it has affected his life. Devin’s family had an extensive history of cancer, including one maternal aunt with ovarian cancer, another maternal aunt with uterine cancer, and his mother who was diagnosed with uterine, ovarian, breast, and kidney cancers within 2 years. After his mother’s genetic testing revealed that she has both a BRCA2 mutation and a Lynch Syndrome mutation (a rare situation), Devin decided to get tested. He felt that the knowledge of these mutations and careful monitoring had saved his mother’s life and wanted to have the same tools for his own medical care if necessary.

Although his results revealed he has the BRCA2 mutation detected in his mother, Devin said that having genetic testing did not really change his life. His doctors know his results and will being screening him earlier than typical for certain cancers, but day-to-day his life is the same. In his own words, genetic testing and counseling isn’t something to be afraid of even if you have a strong family history of cancer. Knowledge is power, and this is just an extra step you can take to protect yourself.

Listen to or download the full podcast episode here.