Genomic updates are critical to harness the power of precision medicine


My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that provides personalized, easy-to-understand, web-based genetic counseling information, has published a new white paper that explores how frequently medical management guidelines have been updated over a five year period and provides guidance as to how patients and medical providers can be kept informed as changes are made.

Titled “How Often Do Medical Management Guidelines Change for People with Germline Genetic Findings? A Solution for Keeping Patients and Providers Updated,” the paper is based on research conducted by My Gene Counsel using the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) SFv2.0 list of 59 genes as a proxy for medically actionable genetic conditions. Overall, My Gene Counsel found a total of 623 revisions, which is further broken down in the report by gene, disease category, and disease subcategory.

“Genetic testing can be lifesaving, but it must come with all of the facts,” said Ellen Matloff, president and CEO of My Gene Counsel. “Most people who have genetic testing never see a genetics specialist. If they do, it’s once or twice and then never again. However, the field is changing all the time. For the average health care provider, the challenge of keeping up-to-date and informing patients is insurmountable.”

Given the frequency of medical management updates found, the white paper examines the need for an automated, scalable method for keeping pace with the growing demand for the latest genomic information. My Gene Counsel presents a viable solution for collating, tracking, and delivering digital genetic updates to patients, providers, and health systems at scale in a timely and responsible manner.

“Health care consumers must have access to the newest management recommendations so they can achieve better health outcomes using fewer precious resources,” said Meagan Farmer, lead author and genetic counseling business manager for My Gene Counsel. “Forward-thinking health systems and insurers are looking for tools that leverage technology, such as My Gene Counsel, that will deliver these benefits to their provider and patient networks over time.”

My Gene Counsel’s white paper can be downloaded at

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