Updated March 5, 2019

In honor of March being Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, we’ve shared resources, information, and personal stories on prevention and living through cancer. We’d like to end the month with our attention on Lynch Syndrome – a hereditary cancer syndrome that is still largely misunderstood among patients and in the medical community.

Let’s revisit one of our favorite Tweet Chats with our amazing co-hosts @Shewithlynch and
@BRCAresponder to discuss the connections between colon cancer and Lynch Syndrome. Here are some of the personal experiences we heard about:

The Colonoscopy

@ShewithLynch Advice: Early detect saves lives, contemplating colonoscopy doesn’t. Simple procedure prep is worse than procedure itself #lschat
— Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (@LguzzardiM) March 22, 2015

#lschat No one ever told me that they regretted getting a colonoscopy. Don’t Delay! Especially if you have symptoms. — Dr. Allyson Ocean (@drallysonocean) March 22, 2015

Sister & I diagnosed w/Lynch 2 years ago. She had 1st colonoscopy last week & has cancer. I’m now scheduling mine too… #lschat
— Stephanie Quinn (@QuinnWordWoman) March 22, 2015

Genetic Counseling

Patients with new diagnosis of colorectal cancer should be offered genetic testing for Lynch syndrome #LSchat — Dr. Muin Khoury (@DrKhouryCDC) March 22, 2015

@ShewithLynch Please keep in mind that you can see a #geneticcounselor even if you are on the fence — you won’t have to test. #lschat
— MyGeneCounsel (@MyGeneCounsel) March 22, 2015

Lschat Q5 I have genetic testing…and it was a tough decision to make. But I am glad that I know. #lschat — Ann McKinley (@raggedy729) March 22, 2015

You can find a #geneticcounselor from @geneticcouns:
— CenterJewishGenetics (@jewishgenetics) March 22, 2015

An Argument for #GeneticTesting via @cure_magazine#Lynchsyndrome#Lschat#HereditaryCancerSyndromes#DNA#Genetics — Georgia Hurst (@ShewithLynch) March 22, 2015

In the Family

#lschat I have learned just how important taking a good #familyhistory is– if you don’t ask, you will miss life-saving info!
— Dr. Allyson Ocean (@drallysonocean) March 22, 2015

Q5 worked with genetic counsellor and our kids to get all tested. 1/3 is positive and he and I get yearly scopes together #dadsonfun#lschat
— Prompters to Life (@prompters) March 22, 2015

#Lschat I’m Jessie. I’m 28 and I have LS. My father died at the age of 32 from colon cancer. #coloncancer#GetScreened — Jessica DeYoung (@justjessie2u) March 22, 2015


@Thandy_13 I never received counselling, though I did think about asking for it & it probably would have helped me after diagnosis #Lschat
— writer sam (@teh_samby) March 22, 2015

@Thandy_13 I received counseling when I tested positive for #BRCA it was very helpful. #lschat — Amy Byer Shainman (@BRCAresponder) March 22, 2015

Q7 no psych for me but I had crc before I knew lynch. we supported my son when he got diagnosis but not professional psych. #lschat
— Prompters to Life (@prompters) March 22, 2015

Q4 sub-total colectomy after crc 2. no colostomy. life has not changed much, 2xIronman triathlon in 7 years since #lschat — Prompters to Life (@prompters) March 22, 2015

Dave Dubin, 3x lynch survivor above average soccer player #lschat
— AliveAndKickn (@AliveAndKicknDD) March 22, 2015


@PennMedicine researchers pinpoint new driver of #coloncancer#lschat#lynchsyndrome#crcsm — Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (@LguzzardiM) March 22, 2015

Psychosocial Impact of #LynchSyndrome on Affected Individuals and Families. #lschat@ShewithLynch Authors
— Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (@LguzzardiM) March 22, 2015

Improving uptake of predictive testing & colorectal screen in #Lynchsyndrome: a regional primary care survey #lschat — Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (@LguzzardiM) March 22, 2015

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