The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is working to democratize healthcare for cancer patients today with the launch of CureCloud®, a first-of-its-kind, direct-to-patient research study, powered by genomic and clinical information from multiple myeloma patients, collected through at-home testing.

“CureCloud will put power in the hands of patients,” said Kathy Giusti, MMRF Founder and Chief Mission Officer, “by knocking down barriers, democratizing healthcare, and offering precise information to patients and their doctors about their cancer diagnosis in a way that is simple, affordable and accessible.”

CureCloud is leveling the healthcare playing field by providing access to cutting-edge genomic sequencing to every multiple myeloma patient who enrolls in the study, while making the aggregated data available to patients and their physicians to drive more informed decision-making and optimize outcomes. The study uses a novel, clinical-grade liquid biopsy next-generation sequencing assay for multiple myeloma. Patients participating will receive their data back in a personalized report. All of the data will be aggregated to address essential clinical questions using real-world data and to bring precision medicine to every myeloma patient.

As the only initiative giving genomic results directly back to cancer patients and their treating clinicians, CureCloud is groundbreaking, providing details on available clinical trials – all at no cost to the patient, enhancing the doctor-patient relationships. Every patient who enrolls in CureCloud and shares their data will help to generate unprecedented knowledge and insights on the efficacy of treatments based on patients’ individualized cancer genomic and clinical profiles. As CureCloud reaches a critical mass, physicians and patients will be able to explore the database to find other patients who share similar characteristics to inform clinical decisions and advance precision medicine for every patient.

“Despite incredible advances in the last decade, multiple myeloma remains incurable and data is urgently needed to answer important patient questions and optimize outcomes,” said Mike Andreini, MMRF Chief Operating Officer. “The CureCloud is unique because it addresses this need by combining the scientific rigor and patient protections of an IRB-approved study with best practices from direct-to-consumer companies to enhance patient engagement and advance precision medicine.”

The MMRF is not new to disrupting healthcare or leading large data initiatives to advance research. The organization was the first to create a multi-center tissue bank for myeloma that now has samples from more than 4,000 patients, some of which were used to sequence the multiple myeloma genome for the first time. The MMRF also developed and sponsored the CoMMpass Study℠, which is now the largest cancer genomics data set in the public domain.

MMRF Chief Scientific Officer, Daniel Auclair, PhD, MMRF Chief Medical Officer, Hearn Cho, MD, PhD, and MMRF Chief Data Officer, Steve Labkoff, MD are the Principal Investigators for the study. Dr. Auclair and his team developed the IRB-approved protocol (NCT03657251). The MMRF has collaborated with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, COTA, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, My Gene Counsel, Prometheus Research, an IQVIA business, Prophet, and Springbox, a Prophet company, to develop and launch CureCloud, addressing the fundamental need for shared, comprehensive data to inform data-driven treatment decisions for multiple myeloma patients. For more information about CureCloud, including how to enroll, please visit To learn more about the CureCloud clinical trial, visit