The solution will transform people’s understanding of their genetic makeup and save lives.


My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that links evidence-based information to clients’ genetic test results, today announced the launch of its proprietary online platform that pairs specific genetic test results with unbiased, accurate, and continuously updating information for consumers, their families, and clinicians.

For the consumer, My Gene Counsel’s digital genetic counseling solution can:

  •     Link individual test results to cutting-edge, genetic expert content
  •     Provide actionable genomic insights that will allow consumers to fully use genomic test results to manage their health
  •     Decrease errors in misinterpretation and patient management
  •     Enable consumers to effectively utilize personalized information
  •     Send notifications when content updates
  •     Deliver digital genetic counseling, when and how it’s needed most

“The field of genomics is growing larger every day,” said Ellen Matloff, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel. “Genetic testing has the potential to make almost every area of medicine better for every single one of us, but only if the test results are interpreted and used correctly. My Gene Counsel has an effective, affordable, first-line digital solution that scales to match the genomics tsunami.”

After registering and uploading their DNA results, patients and their clinicians can access a Living Lab Report™, which offers unbiased genetic health information translated into provider and patient-friendly language. My Gene Counsel ties the clients’ specific genetic test results to their digital genetic counseling reports, providing personalized content and interpretation. These Living Lab Reports are created, vetted, and continually updated by leading certified genetic counselors and consumer advocates to keep users current on the information that is critical to them and their family.

“It is our full-time job to stay on top of genetic information,” said Danielle Bonadies, Director of Genetics at My Gene Counsel. “As clinical recommendations change, and we learn more, we pass that knowledge onto our users, so that patients and their health care providers are continually updated through our Living Lab Reports. We share opportunities with our users based on their personal test results, like new clinical trials or surveys to answer questions to drive the research forward.”

Users receive push notifications via email and/or text with important updates and news about genetic counseling, testing, and digital health, including reclassification of variants, updated clinical information, clinical trial opportunities, public policy, legislative proposals and changes, and conferences and events.

“Genetic testing is growing rapidly; however, there are only approximately 4,000 genetic counselors in the U.S.,” said David Henderson, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of My Gene Counsel. “Thus, the consumer demand for clarification of genetic results will grow faster than the supply of individuals capable of providing that service. Add to that large population genome studies that are coming, the increasing complexity of gene panels, and the rapid evolution of genetic research, and it is clear a scalable solution is needed to accommodate the growing need for personalized genetic information. Our mission is to provide people with answers specific to their DNA and believe that broadly distributed, accurate, and timely genetic information will improve health care and save lives.”

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About My Gene Counsel
My Gene Counsel is a HIPAA-compliant digital resource for genetic information and a one-stop-shop to stay on top of advancements tied to personal genetic test results. The company was founded in 2014 by certified genetic counselors with more than 30 years of clinical experience and leadership in genetic counseling and testing. From deep in the trenches of clinical care, they saw the need to provide consumers and clinicians with a progressive, digital method of staying up-to-date on their genetic test results. For more information, visit