The digital genetic counseling solution expands its coverage of hereditary cancer content amid enthusiastic testimonials from new users.


My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that provides personalized, easy-to-understand, continuously updated reports for people who have had genetic testing, today announced that the company has extended its content reporting to include additional hereditary cancer genes. The expansion comes just one month after the initial launch of the BRCA product and is another step in My Gene Counsel’s goal to service the entire range of genetic test results.

“If you have had genetic testing using a hereditary cancer gene panel, we now have a report customized for your results,” said Ellen Matloff, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel.

Previous My Gene Counsel reports only covered BRCA1 and BRCA2 content. Now, the company offers personalized Living Lab Reports® for all hereditary cancer genes included on standard panels from the major laboratories, as well as genes included on the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics list of returnable findings. If someone tests positive in this category of genes, the result is considered actionable, meaning steps can usually be taken to prevent or reduce the risk of cancer or detect it earlier.

My Gene Counsel’s Living Lab Reports explain the meaning of genetic test results, provide options for next steps, and outline the implications for family members. The content in the reports is:

  • Specific to individual gene variants
  • Written by clinical genetics experts and vetted by patient advocates
  • Translated into provider and patient-friendly language
  • Interpreted by an unbiased third party and not by a testing company

These features have garnered praise from early adopters.

“Ever since I was diagnosed with BRCA, I’ve been searching the web for information, but you never know what you get on the Internet,” said Nicole R., a My Gene Counsel subscriber. “With My Gene Counsel, everything is legitimate. All the information is from people with established genetics backgrounds.”

In addition to being a trusted resource for genetic information, new users found that the solution provided them with actionable insights that allowed them to use their test results to manage their health.

“This is a resource I’d bring with me to all my doctor appointments to help me have an informed conversation,” said Shannon Pulaski, a My Gene Counsel early adopter and author of Mom’s Genes. “The more data and information, the better it is for me to process this and feel more in control.”

Unlike other information resources, My Gene Counsel’s Living Lab Reports are continually updated with the latest information, including reclassification of gene variants, updated clinical information, clinical trial opportunities, and legislative changes. As new data unfolds, patients are alerted via email and/or text.

“As a man with metastatic cancer and a rare BRCA mutation, getting customized information that can help both me and my family has not been easy,” said Ken Deutsch, a My Gene Counsel subscriber. “My Gene Counsel provides clear information and, most importantly, ongoing updates to ensure that I always have the most recent information.”

My Gene Counsel plans to expand its reporting to include cardiac, pharmacogenetic, and many gene panels offered in the direct-to-consumer marketplace. By 2019, My Gene Counsel will be the most complete, publicly available resource for hereditary diseases by offering a scalable solution to accommodate the growing need for personalized genetic information.

About My Gene Counsel
My Gene Counsel is a HIPAA-compliant digital resource for genetic information and a one-stop-shop to stay on top of advancements tied to personal genetic test results. The company was founded in 2014 by certified genetic counselors with more than 30 years of clinical experience and leadership in genetic counseling and testing. From deep in the trenches of clinical care, they saw the need to provide consumers and clinicians with a progressive, digital method of staying up-to-date on their genetic test results. For more information, visit