How To Import Your Patient Records

**Please note: Ideally, clinician accounts should be created before patient accounts.**

Before You Start

Please use the formatted Excel spreadsheet provided by My Gene Counsel to import your patient records. The template must be used to ensure a successful upload and can be downloaded from your administrator account.

Preparing the Import File

Once you have accessed the template, be sure to keep the columns arranged in the order outlined below. The columns are already in the correct order and should not be rearranged, renamed, or reformatted. Be sure to delete all placeholder text from the spreadsheet. This text is there to demonstrate how your own data should be formatted.


  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Country*
  • Patient ZIP or Postal Code*
  • Mobile Phone
  • Patient ID
  • Date of Birth

Lab Result Information

  • Laboratory Name*
  • Subspecialty*
  • Cancer Site
  • Pathology
  • Result Type*
  • Gene*
  • Variant*
  • Clinician Email*

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required in order to upload the patient records successfully. The fields for “Mobile Phone,” “Patient ID,” and “Date of Birth” are optional fields. However, we recommend including this data for each patient in order to facilitate personalization, text message notifications, segmentation, and other features.

Formatting the Data

The table below outlines some important instructions for each column in the spreadsheet. Keep these guidelines in mind as you fill in your patient data. Certain columns will have a drop-down list of items to choose from to prevent input errors. The cells with drop-down lists are: Country, Laboratory Name, Subspecialty, Cancer Site, Pathology, and Result Type.

First Name*First name of the patientRequired field
Character limit: 50
Last Name*Last name of the patientRequired field
Character limit: 50
Email*Email address must be unique for each patient; be sure to enter a valid email address with proper domain name ( field
Character limit: 50
Country*Country where the patient residesRequired field
Select an option from the drop-down list
Patient ZIP or Postal Code*Five-digit code associated with the patient’s address (28752)Required field
Limited to 5 digits
Mobile PhonePhone number where the patient can receive text messages (7856312345)Optional field
Limited to 10 digits
Do not include dashes
Required for text notifications
Patient IDNumber used to uniquely identify the patient within your health systemOptional field
Date of BirthPatient’s month, day, and year of birthOptional field
Use MM/DD/YYYY format
Name of the lab where the patient had their genetic testing doneRequired field
Select an option from the drop-down list
Subspecialty*Reason for genetic testingRequired field
Select an option from the drop-down list
Cancer Site (Somatic Only)If requesting a SOMATIC report, location of the patient’s cancerRequired field for patients with SOMATIC test results
Select an option from the drop-down list
(Somatic Only)
If requesting a SOMATIC report, type of cancer diagnosed following tumor testing at the cancer siteRequired field for patients with SOMATIC test results
Select an option from the drop-down list
Result Type*A positive, negative, or uncertain finding following genetic testingRequired field
Select an option from the drop-down list
Gene*A combination of 3 to 5 letters and numbers (BRCA1)Required field
Variant*A combination of letters and numbers (c.68_69del)Required field
Use cDNA or ClinVar nomenclature when possible (c.181T>G)
Clinician Email*Email address of the patient’s clinicianRequired field
Multiple addresses can be added using a comma (,

Patients with Multiple Genetic Findings

If you have multiple findings for the same patient, input each finding into a separate row on the spreadsheet, being sure to fill in all required fields in every row. Below is an example of how the data for a patient with multiple genetic findings should be entered as separate line items. Note: The columns in this example have been modified for space constraints.

Once you have filled in your patient data, save your spreadsheet as an Excel Workbook.

Importing the File

  • Log in to your administrator account.
  • Click the aqua “+ PATIENTS” button that appears at the top of the screen next to the search bar.
  • Select “Import Patients from an Excel file.” Note: You also have the option to “Add a Patient Individually,” which will be useful for single or small batch patient records.
  • When your spreadsheet is ready and formatted according to the guidelines specified above, select “Choose file” to upload the file from your computer or drag and drop the file into the import box.

  • Once the file is chosen, the box will be replaced by the file name. Verify that it is the correct file and select “IMPORT.”
  • If all patient data is formatted correctly, you will receive a pop-up message on your screen that your upload was successful. Your uploaded file will be processed in about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of patients that need to be imported.
  • Once complete, an email will be sent to the email address on your administrator account summarizing your patient import records.


If your file contains any formatting errors, they must be resolved before importing. Make sure you have filled in the data correctly by following the formatting instructions provided above.


For questions and support, please contact Danielle Bonadies, MS, CGC, Director of Genetics at