Podcast: Genetic Counseling for Survivors

In the weeks leading up to National Cancer Survivors Day on June 7th we will be bringing you powerful stories of survivorship. One thing that has unfortunately become clear as genetic testing becomes more common place is that genetic counseling, a crucial step in the process, is not always offered in tandem with testing. This can lead to a lack of understanding, or worse, misinterpretation, of test results by both patients and clinicians. In this podcast, Ellen T. Matloff speaks with Elizabeth, a 48-year-old BRCA1 positive breast cancer survivor who underwent genetic testing and multiple prophylactic surgeries years before she ever knew genetic counseling existed. 

At the age of 48, twelve years after her early-onset cancer diagnosis and seven years after having genetic testing, Elizabeth sought genetic counseling for the first time to understand the implications for her family. She reflects on how finding this supporting community changed her entire outlook on cancer and her BRCA1 status.

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