Podcast: Advanced Colon Cancer at Age 21 – Not Your Average College Experience

When Nate was 21, he wasn’t feeling exactly as he should. As a young, healthy college student and athlete everyone thought it was probably just a bad cold. Early tests revealed growths in his colon and liver and Nate’s life changed quickly. Within a matter of days, he packed all his belongings into his car and left college behind to drive home and pursue treatment. Two years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, Nate sat down with Ellen T. Matloff to tell his story and share how he found purpose and hope in this impossible situation.

While undergoing treatment, Nate started Relentless Against Cancer, a non-profit committed to supporting cancer research and treatment. Unfortunately, shortly after this conversation Nate lost his battle with cancer. However, his family continues to run Relentless Against Cancer and the organization has successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars to advance cancer research and care.

Listen to or download the full podcast episode here.