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We at My Gene Counsel are often approached by genetic testing companies, pharmaceutical groups, and patient organizations who want to educate genetic counselors about new technologies, testing options, and disease groups.  Genetic counselors are pulled in so many directions these days – how can you get their attention?  The answer is simple:  offer them free ABGC CEUs!
Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are required in many professions for credentialing and certification. Genetic counselors are always ISO free, informative CEUs and it’s a fantastic way for you to attract the genetic counseling community to the cause you’d like to spotlight! 
Genetic counselors:  what would you like to learn about for free CEUs?  Speak up by tagging a company you want to see offer free genetic counseling CEUs, using hashtag #FreeGCCEUs and #gcchat. Include what type of events and webinars you would like to attend from your tagged company. Not on Twitter? Email us at We are excited to see your comments and to continue adding them below. 
Note: Some comments may be combined, condensed or edited for clarity.


“I have seen some great education from @Invitae, @myriadgenetics, @AmbryGenetics, and @GeneDx. More #CEU opportunities would be great! I’m not picky! Make it relevant and interesting and I’m there! #GCChat” ~Andrea Forman, @Andrea_FoxGC

“I’m with Andrea on this one! My picks would be @illumina or @GeneDx :)” ~Amber Gamma, @ambergamma

“I would like to see @GeneDx or @BaylorGenetics because of their experience with prenatal #exome sequencing” ~Brittany Gancarz, @GeneGrayDNA

“CEUs would be wonderful for genetic counselors! It is ironic that those on the real front lines of genomic medicine are faced with such challenges to get free CEUs anywhere. This must change!” ~Deborah McDermott

“Agree that free CEUs would be a plus, especially since other professions are able to earn their respective continuing education credits.” ~Nikita Mehta

“I’m all for free CEU opportunities! Especially ones I can get when timing works for me.” Erica Pai, MS, CGC

“A non-US company” ~Leslie Ordal, @GenCousNews

“ALL OF THEM” ~Scott Weissman, @chicagogenetics

“The more CEU opportunities, the better!!” ~Melissa A. Hicks, MS, CGC

“Free CEUs are great!” ~Kathryn Sargent MS, LCGC

“Excellent for those of us in grad school!” ~Michelle Weaver Knowles

“CEUs would be great!”~Jennifer MacLean

“If I could get CEUs, that would be great.” Emily Smith
Don’t forget to add your input on Twitter with #FreeGCCEUs and #gcchat or by emailing!