Given the rapid and numerous developments in the field of genetics, there is a growing need for genetic counselors in nearly every area of medicine, as well as a need for students that represent all of us. This includes people of color, men, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, non-science majors, and those looking to make a career change.

In response, My Gene Counsel hosts periodic Genetic Counseling Case Conferences to introduce students of all ages to important topics in the field of genetic counseling.

In our first meeting of 2021, My Gene Counsel was joined by Melanie Hardy, MS, MS, LCGC, Assistant Director of Genetic Counseling Services at JScreen. She discusses the unconventional career path that led her where she is today – from high school teacher to prenatal genetic counselor to her current role with a non-profit community-based public health initiative.

If you’ve ever considered a career in genetic counseling or wanted to explore interesting topics related to genetics with experts in the field, be sure to watch our January 2021 virtual Genetic Counseling Case Conference.

To watch the on-demand recording click here.