Bioscience is Connecticut’s fastest growing business sector. If achieving a career in bioscience is your goal, then join us for The Bioscience Careers Forum at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine on 11th March. Bioscience leaders from across Connecticut will discuss how students can attain a career in this cutting edge industry.
The afternoon will be packed with fabulous speakers as well as networking opportunities. mCG’s President and CEO, Ellen T. Matloff, will speak on Women in Biosciences. Additional topics to be covered include:

  • CRISPR –Cas9 Genome Editing Technologies     
  • Recruitment and retention of women in the biosciences
  • How to interview for a job in bioscience
  • What concrete skills are needed in today’s bioscience sector?
  • What do employers look for in a resume?
  • How to network to further your professional career

We hope to see you there!
Registration is open through March 4th. Read more and register here.