October has been a very busy month for My Gene Counsel! Our BRCA1 and BRCA2 product line officially launched last week and consumers may now sign up! We were invited to attend the Genetic Health Information Network Summit in Nashville, TN earlier in the month. Our CEO, Ellen Matloff, is speaking at the National Organization of Rare Disease (NORD) Summit in Washington, DC, which is aptly titled, “A New Era of Patient-Focused Innovation” and participating in a panel called ‘Solving the Diagnosis Challenge’, right before the Keynote Address by Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is the Commissioner of the FDA.
It’s also breast cancer awareness month. In an effort to educate the public, Ellen was a guest on numerous genetic themed podcasts. We outlined the shows she has been on so far, check back for updates with future podcast episodes.


CURE Talks Cancer

In a special edition of “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, our President/CEO, Ellen Matloff, and the founder of Proactive Genes, Shannon Pulaski, were guests to help kick off National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Week and Previvor Day. In this episode, you’ll hear about their resources and how each can help others learn more about their hereditary risk.


Demystifying Genetics

Our President/CEO, Ellen Matloff was a guest host on Austrailian Genetic Counselor Matthew Burgess’ podcast, “Demystifying Genetics” for a Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness themed episode. Patients advocates join Matthew later in the program to share their experiences.
Their discussion explored…

  • The role of the genetic counselor in the ordering and interpretation of genetic testing;
  • My Gene Counsel’s Living Lab Reports;
  • Hereditary cancer testing, including BRCA1 & BRCA2;
  • APOE testing and dementia;
  • Gene patents and the 2013 Supreme Court Case;
  • How and why genetic test results are misinterpreted;



DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast 

Ellen Matloff, President/CEO, joins our Communications Lead, Kira Dineen, on her genetics podcast, “DNA Today”.
In this episode, they discuss direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing including…

  • DTC testing available to consumers;
  • Difference between medical grade and DTC genetic tests;
  • Accuracy of DTC genetic tests;
  • What to know before choosing a DTC test;
  • Examples of when a DTC test may be more appropriate than a medical grade test and vice versa;
  • Why healthcare providers can’t afford to ignore DTC;
  • Potential implications of sending a sample to a DTC company;
  • Benefits of signing up for My Gene Counsel.