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National Donor Day and Valentine’s Day Collide on February 14

February 2020 Update Whether you love it or hate it, most people know February 14 ...
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Cancer Previvors, Survivors and Libido

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are focusing on sexuality in cancer survivors and previvors. Did ...
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Cancer ‘Fight’ Metaphor, To Continue or End?

Is it time to put the cancer 'fight' metaphor to rest once and for all? ...
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Tips from the Director of the Sexual Health Program at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

In keeping with our Valentine’s Day theme, we are focusing on sexuality in cancer survivors ...
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VUS Reclassified to Suspected Deleterious: When Genetic Counseling Updates Become Lifesaving

Mary Ellen always knew that her family history included cancer.  Her mom was diagnosed with ...
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Beyond BRCA: Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Syndrome and CDH1 Mutations

Genetic Counseling Note: People who have a mutation in one of their two CDH1 gene ...
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