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With More Than a Million Records, ClinVar Value Grows as Variant Classification Resource

Since its launch in 2013, ClinVar has not only amassed a wealth of genetic variant ...
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Precision Oncology in 2019: Growing Options Highlight Gaps in Healthcare Delivery System

2019 was another banner year for precision oncology with the approval of a number of ...
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Ellen Matloff’s Forbes Article: Why the Pentagon Is Warning US Military Not to Use Recreational Genetic Test Kits

For years, many of us in the genetics community have strongly suggested that consumers think long ...
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What to Know Before You Buy an At-Home Genetic Cancer Risk Test

At-home DNA testing kits may not be a good fit for answering medical questions. Here's ...
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My Gene Counsel and Ambry Genetics: Educating Consumers About Genetic Testing

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing has come a long way in popularity, but it still has ...
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Genetic Testing Challenges in Oncology: False Positive After Testing at Pop-Up Booth

Precision Oncology News and My Gene Counsel have partnered to produce the "Genetic Testing Challenges in ...
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