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Genetic Counseling Toolkit for Students

Interested in becoming a genetic counselor? Not sure where to start? We have you covered! ...
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Trailblazing Genetic Counselors Episode 19: New Grad Programs Part 3

This is the seventeenth installment in our series, “Trailblazing Genetic Counselors”, in which we highlight ...
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Advice for the Genetic Counseling Grad School Application Process

This is a guest post by our Communications Lead, Kira Dineen, check out the original ...
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Advice for Girls Considering STEM Careers

February 2019 Update So, I'm back! It's been a little less than a year since ...
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Advice for Interviewing/Ranking Genetic Counseling Grad Schools

The second stage of the genetic counseling graduate school application process is the interviews. Programs ...
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Genetic Book Lovers Recommend Their Favs

To celebrate book appreciate days (like National Book Lover's Day, National Science Fiction Day and ...
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