Adverse Events

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A Family’s Journey from Asthma to Depression to Advocacy

Laura Marotta was just trying to treat her son's asthma. Instead, the asthma medication led ...
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Call for Genetic Counseling Cases: Errors in Genetic Test Ordering and Interpretation

Photo Credit: Iron Gate Equine Calling all Genetic Counselors: We are collecting genetic counseling cases ...
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What You Can Do to Prevent Your Genetic Test Results from Being Misinterpreted

Last week we learned that a 36-year old woman from Oregon had genetic testing and ...
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Podcast: Lessons Learned From a 21-year-old With Juvenile Polyposis

People who know they are at risk for hereditary colon cancer can often dodge a ...
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Congratulations, You Don’t Have a BRCA Mutation! But Wait … Could You Have Lynch Syndrome?

red-light Last Update: March 6, 2019 Errors in genetic testing are unfortunately commonplace. One of ...
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