#NSGCGenePool First Annual TweetChat

The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has launched the NSGC Digital Ambassador Program (#NSGCGenePool) to bring together social media influencers in the genetics field. The group consists of 15 ambassadors, including our President/CEO, Ellen Matloff. These ambassadors each have a unique perspective and knowledge in various areas of genetics and genetic counseling. The goal of this new program is to help raise awareness about the role of genetic counselors and to promote interest among their networks. 

Colleen Caleshu led our first TweetChat on Thursday, May 25th, and we were joined by many other Digital Ambassadors as well. Check out the highlights of our conversation below! Want to read the entire discussion? Here's the transcript.

Have a question or comment you didn’t get to contribute? Please post in the comments below or tweet using the hashtag, #NSGCGenePool. 

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