Discussion: Immunotherapy and Lynch Syndrome Related Cancers

Yesterday we held a Tweet Chat with our amazing co-hosts Georgia Hurst and Amy Byer Shainman, and special guest Stephanie Goff, MD, of the National Cancer Institute to discuss what you need to know about immunotherapy and Lynch Syndrome related cancers. We were also honored to be joined by Erin Mading, who recently lost her third child to cancer due to a rare syndrome, CMMR-D, associated with carrying two mutations for Lynch Syndrome.

Here are the highlights of the conversation. Have a question or comment you didn’t get to contribute? Please post in the comments below.

First off, what exactly is immunotherapy?

How does it work and how might it help patients with cancer?

Erin Mading provided an example of how immunotherapy was used as part of her daughter Isabella's treatment:

Where can people go to find out more about immunotherapy and clinical trials?

After giving us a general rundown of immunotherapy, Dr. Goff fielded a few questions from the audience:

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