Our Leadership

Ellen Matloff, MS, CGC is the President and CEO of My Gene Counsel. Ellen is the founder and former director of the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program at Yale School of Medicine.

Ellen has authored more than 50 scientific publications in the field, is an established educator, lecturer and media spokesperson and has received national awards for her ongoing patient advocacy efforts. She is an outspoken patient advocate in many areas, most notably as a plantiff in the 2013 BRCA gene patent case that went before the Supreme Court in 2013. This decision has led to drastically lower prices of genetic testing, making it possible for more patients to afford this technology.

As genetic testing became more common and also more complex, she served as the senior author on several publications documenting national errors in the misinterpretation of genetic test results. From these experiences, Ellen created My Gene Counsel and its associated digital tools that can be used in parallel with genetic testing to help ensure that results are used accurately and effectively.

Danielle Bonadies, MS, CGC is the Director of the Cancer Genetics Division of My Gene Counsel. She is responsible for the development of cancer-based content that populates the My Gene Counsel portal. 

Before joining My Gene Counsel, Danielle served as the Assistant Director of the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program at Yale School of Medicine. She practiced as a clinical genetic counselor for over a decade, designed and ran several interactive, on-line patient education and communication sites, and was involved in the cancer genetics education of thousands of patients, clinicians and students.  

Danielle has co-authored multiple book chapters and articles in genetic counseling and testing. She was involved in several seminal papers that document the high rate of result misinterpretation amongst clinicians ordering genetic testing. Her publications include work that helps understand the viewpoint of genetic counselors and physicians on a wide range of complex decisions associated with cancer genetic testing. Other publications focus on the informational needs of individuals with hereditary predispositions during decision making periods.

Danielle’s strong clinical, research and advocacy background illustrate her ongoing commitment to the field of hereditary cancers. She brings this dedication and leadership to the My Gene Counsel team. 


David Cohen, MBA is the Chief Financial Officer of My Gene Counsel. He is a highly experienced business executive, entrepreneur and investor who has served as Executive VP of Standard Oil of Connecticut, Inc. for the past 22 years. David has also founded a number of highly successful ventures, including: Standard Security Systems, ResCom Energy, Moneo Technology Solutions and Standard Oil Ventures. He sits on the boards of multiple companies, including several in the health care arena.

Matthew Pepe is the Product Lead of My Gene Counsel. Matthew has been working in the healthcare technology space for eight years, with extensive experience in the creation, launch, and management of mobile and online health applications. Having past experiences with both healthcare start-ups and larger organizations, Matthew has honed a skill set that includes; product strategy, product management, project management, sales and customer support. 

Immediately prior to My Gene Counsel, Matthew spent four years as the Senior Director of Enterprise Markets at Remedy Health Media – the fastest growing healthcare media company in the country. Matthew managed all of Remedy’s enterprise technology offerings and clients, which included multiple Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, insurance and telehealth companies. In that same role, Matthew also participated as the technical liaison in several successful clinical studies focused on the use of technology to promote medical adherence.

Having a strong educational background in health sciences and an intimate knowledge of applied, consumer-centric technologies, Matthew brings an innovative outlook to My Gene Counsel’s offerings.  


Kira Dineen is the Communication Lead of My Gene Counsel. In this role she develops strategies to establish My Gene Counsel’s thought leadership platform and fosters engagement around consumer advocacy and education through online media. Kira brings 5 years of online media experience in the fields of digital marketing, social media, blogging and podcasting/radio.

She is passionate about advocating for the rare disease community and has worked collaboratively with the National Organization for Rare Disorders to provide education and raise awareness.

Kira is finishing her Diagnostic Genetic Bachelor’s of Science degree with a concentration in Cytogenetics at the University of Connecticut. She hosts and produces a radio show, DNA Today, which educates the public on genetics and has been nominated in the 2015 and 2016 Podcast Awards.